Exchange of attitude

i would like to exchange this item please

of course. let me check if we have what you want in stock.


here it is. okay, i’ll just need your card to gets things underway.


oh, you don’t need to put it in a bag, i brought one.

environmentalist? save the trees, eh?

no, i drove a car here. i just happen to have a bag with me. thank you.

welp, have a good night.

you too.

Judging judgement

i judge, i can’t help it.
it helps me to define.
to believe others who
say they don’t judge,
makes me question
their discrimination?
if they truly don’t judge,
then how do they
form an opinion?
of course, judgement can
be implemented in
varying degrees, but to
say that one does not
judge is false.
what do you think?
i would argue judgement.

May i read your feelings?

i’ve not seen that face
in a long time.
it hasn’t changed,
not structurally at least,
but more so in a metaphysical sense.
the lightness of  your facial expression
speaks to the things you do not.
your eyes refute the words
spouted from your mechanical lips.
that’s okay though.
your feelings surpass
your explanations and
i wish one day,
they will become