Difference speaking similarity.

don’t pull that knife on me,
it’ll cut us both.
mind yourself, but
leave me alone.
opened, you can
see what’s inside.
description differentiates
our innards,
yet that’s debatable.
shared words mean
differences elucidated.
speak my pain
with your ears,
resounding that which
is inconsequential.


My mind is an ashtray

looking down the
barrel of futility,
scurrying those
of achievement.
negation of being,
present complexity,
counters our ancestors.
i accept the debris
of that disposed.
treasure found amonsgt
the discarded.
gold shines upon the eyes
of those who see.
i walk blind,
but specific light,
illuminating what’s been missed.
this luster emanates a bias brilliance
my intellect cannot fathom.
i speak what i feel,
yet what i feel
does not always speak.