Full glass empties

it started with a full glass
but as the time went on,
and mouths began to dry,
the full glass was gulped
down to half empty.
realizing the event
was to be prolonged,
consumption was
stringent, at best.
isn’t it funny how
every full glass
becomes empty
in the

An other to another

i’ve said this before,
but i’m fine with
touching myself.
why disappoint another?
besides, i know what to expect
and this pleases me.
we know what we like,
so why expect another to know?
i’m not desperate for physical contact
because i’m well within reach.
of course, if i’m dissatisfied with
myself, then i must seek validation.
hold on a second. why find another
to feel whole when they feel what
you do not? shit, nevermind, i may
just be breathing a rhythme
hop, skipped, jumped
by a majority who disagrees.
your hands are foreign,
but i appreciate your effort.
i shouldn’t be so harsh,
because i am an other
to an other.