Communicating discrepancy

isn’t that a bother,
when you hear
something another
did not say.
Both self-assured,
so who, if anyone,
is in the wrong?
i hear what i hear
and you say
what you say.
I heard you say something
you’ve said you’ve said
contrary to what I’ve heard.
did i mishear what
you’ve misspoken?

Remembering what happened and more

memory is a touchy subject
because it has a tendency
to elaborate.
facts lived are
more adamantly detailed
upon recollection,
but during such
reflections are mirrored
the ideals of misconception.
preconception tends the
grounds of deception.

Receipt disappointment

just throw it away
and don’t think
about it.
out of sight
out of mind,
but the mind
still sees.
phantoms live
in possibility.
reality discredits
an imagination
disillusioned of
what could’ve be.
churning chance
in a vat of hopefulness,
likeliness speaks nil,
cooking a disingenuous delirium.