Thoughtful pictures

This is just something that, if you enjoy photography, you’ll like this. If you don’t, I’m sure that you still will like this. The work is a mixture of photography and digital manipulation to the point of hyper-realism. There are some thoughtful imagery produced within Mladen Penev’s projects/photographs. Overall, solid looking pictures that ask questions or just shock for shock sake. Check out here for the works of art by Mladen Penev.

Attractively repellent

It’s all in the title, although it is mainly attractive. So here’s this website which is a host to some wildly colourful works of art. The intricate patterns are reminiscent of graffiti and funk, with a strong use of dynamic lines and colours to bounce off one another creating a visual orgy that squeezes your eyes. There is definite energy to these works of art which makes them somewhat hypnotic.

Like the Smile Epidemic

Here is a fun idea called I Was I Was, that seems similar to the Smile Epidemic (something my fellow classmates participated in). Unlike the Smile Epidemic you do not write down the things that make you smile. Instead, you write down something you’d wish for and place a sticker, that has the wish written on it, in place of  where you’d want the wish to be. It’s an interesting mode of creating conversation, or just something to pass the time. Check out the site here for the details as well as pictures of peoples wishes.

A book vending machine

This is a neat idea, a vending machine that dispenses random types of books. I think it’s a great novelty item to have within a book store and it’s one way to clean up stock. The video posted is just a short walk through of how the machine works. Obviously the machine was designed, but I’ve posted this mainly because I want to now visit this bookstore and try out this vending machine. Click here to view the short video.

One bad ass motorcycle

Now I have no technical or general knowledge when it comes to motorcycles. With that said, this bike looks bad ass, and judging by the specifications, it kicks ass too. This post is just a bit of eye candy for those who enjoy fast vehicles or those of who wish to design machines. The design matches that of its powerful specifications. The bike carries about it a demeanor of the hardened war veteran or that of criminal without conscience. Plus, my dad has taken to actively riding motorcycles, so in some way, this is also for the new interest my dad has taken to such machines. Click here for the slick ride that would surely mess your pants.

DIY for the homeless

So here is an idea, foldable cardboard cocoons that are sold to homeless people to be used for sleeping. I think the concept is great, I’m just not sure how someone is expected to buy it if they do not have money, and I wonder how the local authorities would react. Overall, it’s a step in a better direction in handling homelessness. Check it out here for a more comprehensive look.

Product for clearing landmines

This website has a short video of a product designer who, during his childhood, has experienced the negative effects of the landmines in his country. It turns out that where is his from there were many different armies who would train within the dessert near his city. After these armies had cleared out, they just so happened to leave behind many landmines, which resulted in many harmful events for the civilians. The desire to want to rid his homeland of these unnecessary landmines was fuel for his passion in designing a low-cost mine sweeping device. The video is short but for it’s shortness in duration, it makes up for it with its elegant cinematography, clean colour palette and a moving story. Oh, as well, the idea is quite forward and seems like a reasonable solution to the landmine problem.

Used twice, flushed once

So here is a clever idea. I personally think the concept is interesting, but I’m not sure how well it’ll work in reality. The aesthetic of the toilet and sink are sleek and modern, but what I don’t find appealing is the bridge between the sink and toilet. To me, this bridge looks to clumsy and out of place when compared with the aesthetic of the toilet and sink. Check out the website to see a forward thinking idea on water preservation, starting in the washroom.

Corporate condomns in the future, maybe?

So I came across this site where they’ve taken the logos and slogans of certain corporate brands and designed them onto condom wrappers. I think it’s down right hilarious and, sadly, I could see this as a new venture for corporations to further push their brand. Hey, even if it is tacky these companies could always say that they are promoting safer sex? I’m sure this idea could be toyed with in numerous ways. I know this is completely fictitious, but I think that it’s funny to see corporate brands on things that are unrelated to their identity. Visit here for the condom designs.