New companies built upon design

This site is a good resource for anyone with an interest in design. It’s basically an article on how design works as an essential function in a business, more specifically new emerging companies, types of design, and design of products and its affect on audiences. Clean design and simply written, it serves as a short, yet sweet, introduction into the world of design, for those who have a limited knowledge in such a subject. Follow this link to see what I’m so poorly trying to say. And at the bottom of the page, there are a list of linked icons that serve as design related resources.

Don’t judge a book by its covers

Just viewed a short documentary on the design and application of book covers. It’s amazing to think that a book cover has more power to persuade a persons choice¬† to purchase a book rather than the content within the book. I never thought about the power of a book cover, but I can attest to choosing one book cover over another, even though the content of both books are the same. Click here to watch this informative and entertaining video.

The playful type

In my first year of graphic design, my teacher gave us a similar project. We were asked to use solely the Futura typeface and to visually portray the meaning of select set of words given to us. What I like about the artist, Ji Lee, approach to this project was that he made these word marks as workable, static illustrations, but also gave them a creation story when he decided to animated them. Here is the link to the website to view a few of Ji’s typographic designs, as well as a short animation of more examples of these typographic designs.

Paper magic

Here’s a video that shows creativity in multiple ways. It’s a short, motion captured film of a guy who does some interesting things with a single piece of paper. The idea and concept behind this movie I found extremely intriguing. From start to finish was was thoroughly engaged as to see what would happen next. What other possibilities could have been explored? Here is the link to this well thought out, well planned and excellently executed video.

Wallet sized hook, line and sinker

A solid resource to a creative approach for a business card. To think that a business card is more than just information, but in fact, it can be a means to portray your skills, your business, or even your personality in a visually catching way. Of course, one must think about practicality when creating a fancy business card because of how business cards are generally stored. The ideas seen in the photographed examples are, in my opinion, a great resource that has the potential in generating others to create more interesting business cards. To visit the site, click here.

Need help in staying creative?

Now there are many tips and tricks out in the world to help in keeping or continuing creativity. This was one website I found to show, mainly for the short and clean video found near the bottom of the web page. It has 29 ways of keeping creative, but we all know there can be plenty more. Keeping creative can be hard at times, especially if the problem you’re solving is uninteresting or seemingly pointless. I can admit that there are times that when I’m doing absolutely nothing, that’s when I get all my ideas, but as soon as I try to begin making these ideas, I lose interest. Here is the link to the site. Pass on the creativity.

Big brands reduced in minimalist package redesign exercise

I found a website that has set out to minimize, or deconstruct, popular logos to a more basic and simplistic form. It was a design exercise in reducing the visual noise found in some modern logo aesthetics. By visual noise, I mean the amount of design elements compounded together. I think it is an interesting exercise to practice because it forces critical analysis and selection of necessary elements to be added or subtracted from the current design. Of course, it would be a sterile and stagnate world if everything was designed to the lowest common denominator, but it’s a cool pair of shades when everything is glaring to the point of blindness. These simplified logos, in my opinion, even though this was just an exercise, proved that logos don’t need all the bells and whistles to be successful. One real life example of this can be found with the Starbucks and Apple logo. Please visit this site for all minimalist design exploration images.

Some package

I’ve been given a dieline reproduction project in class. My task is to find a preexisting product package that is reasonably difficult to replicate in relation to our skill level. But not something so simplistic that it’s not a challenge for yourself. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed well designed package, but the whole fabricating and precision needed in creating a package has always been something I detest. Since receiving this project, I’ve paid closer attention to the details needed in creating a products package, be it a bottle, canister, box or plastic wrap. Be the design of a package good or bad, a matter of opinion, I took the opportunity to analyze a products construction, placement of information, placement on the shelf, how it affects the consumer and other products in its proximity. I wish to share a website that I’ve come across on my search for unique packages. The website is called Oneextrapixel and the link that I was on is here.

As an aside, I did recently purchase this water called Karma. I got it because the bottle cap itself is a unique feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. Besides the clean and fairly simplistic design, the bottle cap has a top in which you push down. This action then pierces the lower part of the cap, which contains the water flavouring, and then you shake the bottle to mix the flavouring in with the water. It seems like completely frivolous step when the water can just be made with the flavour already added. But in doing this, I think the manufactures give the consumer the ability to chose how much flavour he/she wants to add. Here is the website for Karma Wellness Water.