Potential for doubt

my interests are greater
than my intellect.
for some reason,
i’m interested in things
of which i’ve little
to no comprehension.
naivety believed
when they said,
be what you want.
experience has taught
me i’m only what they
want me to be.
potential undermined
by a self doubt
to afraid to respond
from what its
reacting against.

Vague notions explaning complexity

i’ve found that the smaller the words,
the easier they are to carry.
how the weight of grand words
burn burdens upon my shoulders.
i have five little digits attached to each hand,
yet, my reach remains unchanged.
my grasp is weaker than my will.
there is no reason why information
cannot be taught in general terms.
of course, specialty requires technicality.
vague notions are no substitute
for those that are complex.
but is there not a way to compound
all that is general into a dense elaboration?