Swimming in everything

i can’t swim. i took lessons but a kid threw up in the pool. my dad didn’t take me back. i learned to swim on my back and the doggy paddle. swimming on my back was relaxing. as for the doggy paddle, i believe that to be nature’s preprogrammed backup. seeings how i walked on land to get around, let’s say swimming lessons became something to be had at the beach. thrown into the deep end, i can only hope that my will to live is stronger than my swimming skills.

Used twice, flushed once

So here is a clever idea. I personally think the concept is interesting, but I’m not sure how well it’ll work in reality. The aesthetic of the toilet and sink are sleek and modern, but what I don’t find appealing is the bridge between the sink and toilet. To me, this bridge looks to clumsy and out of place when compared with the aesthetic of the toilet and sink. Check out the website to see a forward thinking idea on water preservation, starting in the washroom.

Some package

I’ve been given a dieline reproduction project in class. My task is to find a preexisting product package that is reasonably difficult to replicate in relation to our skill level. But not something so simplistic that it’s not a challenge for yourself. To be honest, I’ve always enjoyed well designed package, but the whole fabricating and precision needed in creating a package has always been something I detest. Since receiving this project, I’ve paid closer attention to the details needed in creating a products package, be it a bottle, canister, box or plastic wrap. Be the design of a package good or bad, a matter of opinion, I took the opportunity to analyze a products construction, placement of information, placement on the shelf, how it affects the consumer and other products in its proximity. I wish to share a website that I’ve come across on my search for unique packages. The website is called Oneextrapixel and the link that I was on is here.

As an aside, I did recently purchase this water called Karma. I got it because the bottle cap itself is a unique feature that makes it stand out from its competitors. Besides the clean and fairly simplistic design, the bottle cap has a top in which you push down. This action then pierces the lower part of the cap, which contains the water flavouring, and then you shake the bottle to mix the flavouring in with the water. It seems like completely frivolous step when the water can just be made with the flavour already added. But in doing this, I think the manufactures give the consumer the ability to chose how much flavour he/she wants to add. Here is the website for Karma Wellness Water.