Running down sight

i’m still learning how to walk
when they asked me to run.
boy, was i taken by surprise
i mean, i just begun to get
comfortable walking
working out just the right
stride to compliment me
they tap me on the back
and just yell, RUN!
holy shit, i think the
surprise and fear made my
legs do a fast walk, still
it was not fast enough
i started to raise my knees
and push my feet off the ground
the walk slowly transitioned
into a jog until i realized that
this was not running speed
i pushed off even harder
i noticed swear forming on
my head, neck, legs, back
all over, i was drenched
muscles i never felt before
began to ache but i kept going
i got so focused on what they told
me to do i lost sight of where
i was going
traffic hit.

Born with legs to use

i walk to work.
sometimes because i have to.
other times because i want to.
i’ve got legs, why not use them?
cold, warm, mild, rain, or snow,
whatever the weather,
the travel is livening.
i can walk around.
i bus on a route.
i drive on a road.
i bike in constraint.
i walk where i want.