Vain of truth

i think i’d be a great heroine addict.
i’ve many protruding vains,
and an addictive personality.
why of course i am.
how could i not be subservient to feeling?
i think only to feel.
thankfully i don’t shoot up.
i have plenty of vices for someone of my being,
i just couldn’t afford another.

Making the beautiful death I enjoy

what do you mean I’m
you mean to tell me that my efforts are in vain?
well, that cannot be.
i’m real and i have something to say.
you can’t brush me off,
i exist.
no, you’re right,
i won’t be along for long.
so what’s this effort?
i make for now, but i cannot make for the future.
coming to realization of my dispensability,
i must create for myself.
if i create for others, i might as well just not create.
i’d much rather create my death,
than let another.