Going out of the usual

i had a great time last night
are you okay with it?
i hope i didn’t offend
my filter was
drowned in alcohol
loosening an already
slippery tongue
direct your concerns
i can’t read between the lines
you seemed to be laughing
and i hope it wasn’t
at my expense
although i did pay
more than was necessary
but it adds up.

How should this run be ran?

change has hit me –
again and again –
it’s what it does,
but i resist.
sameness permeates my life.
others see change, where
i see staticity.
i run upon this treadmill,
each step no closer than the last.
adjust the settings, yet
i remain immobile.
shall i modify my run according
to the settings,
should I take a step back
and watch the machine run?