Seriousness deflated

This is a minor post, on the brink of re-posting someone elses work. Click the link and be transported to beautifully shot photography paired with equally suited typography. The humor is contrasted against the seriousness of the photography, adding to the overall appeal. Upon dissection of each composition, it’s clear to see design elements in play, ranging from the typeface choices and its colour to the position of the type on the photograph. It is one way of taking the edge off a knife and turning it into a banana.

Ludovic Balland, Modern Swiss Style

Born in 1973, Ludovic Balland studied visual communication at the University of Art and Design in Basel before specializing in typography (training at Dalton & Maag, London) as well as in typesetting and book conception. In 2002, he founded the studio The Remingtons in Basel, focusing on typography and typesetting techniques. The studio was awarded several prizes, for example for the book Globus Cassus. In 2006, Balland founded his own studio, Typography Cabinet, with which he mainly purses typographical investigations and editorial design.

Balland regularly teaches at ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne, where he teaches typography in master’s and bachelor’s classes. He was a guest professor of typography at the Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) in 2008 and has given several typography workshops and lectures. His notable works include the design of the visual identity and catalog of the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, the design of the 4th volume of Herzog & de Meuron’s Complete Works (Birkhäuser), and the design of a new visual identity for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Typography Cabinet received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the TDC55 (Type Directors Club in New York) in 2009.

The three-volume catalogue series Teaching Architecture, designed by Balland, was chosen as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books in 2010 and won an honorary appreciation in the Best Book Design From All Over the World category at the Stiftung Buchkunst Leipzig in 2011. Balland was also a winner of the Swiss Federal Design Awards that same year.

The information gathered for this graphic artist was from this site. I do not take credit for what has been written for Ludovic’s short bio, but I do take credit for what will be written after this period.

So I came across Ludovic Balland while searching the internet for all things graphic design. I have no prior knowledge of Ludovic or his work. I just followed the clicks of my mouse and his work grabbed my attention. I think what attracted me to see more from Balland was that his style seems to be influenced greatly by Swiss Style graphic design. It’s a style I mostly favour, so when I saw just a snippet of his work, I had to investigate it further.

tumblr_mfczfajgvA1qbzf5jo1_500 tumblr_mdteadRjXx1qi36d1o10_r1_1280 tumblr_mdteadRjXx1qi36d1o5_r2_1280So featured here is just a small selection of his work. To get a better sense of his style, visit his website. His strong display of typography skill is something that I appreciate, as well as colour selection and layout. This is only one example of someone’s skills whom I wish to work towards.

The playful type

In my first year of graphic design, my teacher gave us a similar project. We were asked to use solely the Futura typeface and to visually portray the meaning of select set of words given to us. What I like about the artist, Ji Lee, approach to this project was that he made these word marks as workable, static illustrations, but also gave them a creation story when he decided to animated them. Here is the link to the website to view a few of Ji’s typographic designs, as well as a short animation of more examples of these typographic designs.