Gone live

So I’ve created myself a website. Besides being a school assigned project, it seemed like a necessary step towards the development of my professional career. Sure, I’ve signed up for Tumblr, WordPress, even Behance, but I figured the more┬ápublicity the better.

I made my site using Adobe Muse because Adobe Dreamweaver is to complicated for me. We were taught a bit of it in school, but it really just left everyone confused and scared of web design.



I fear social media, but I’m trying to overcome this irrational fear by stretching myself thin. I have minimal work posted upon my Tumblr site. it’s a host of school photography projects, along with some personal works. These personal works, however, were completed in a time frame of one to two days. if they seem unpolished, that’s because they are. Concept over aesthetics is my motto. Judging from other purveyors of the social media sphere, it seemed necessary to mention other places of which I portray myself. I told myself I’d never whore myself out, but it looks like I can do it virtually without remorse. I plan to continue creating but that doesn’t necessarily translate to my virtual realms.

Who am I making this for? Myself, yet “others” are discreetly pervasive within my hopes. I’ll continue with my thoughts aloud when I please. I’ll leave now with a quote of which I find great pleasure, ” … there is nothing in the whole world madder than bringing matters down to the measure of our own capacities and possibilities” – Michel de Montaigne.