Treasures of China discovering in Kitchener

A few of my fellow classmates invited me to go to the Bob Marley exhibit being held at the Kitchener Museum. Well, I show up but could not find any of my classmates. No biggie, I’ll just buy my ticket and take the tour alone. While I’m purchasing my ticket, I asked if I could take photographs of the Bob Marley exhibit, to document my experience, but she told me I wasn’t allowed. Crap, there goes my proof of going to the museum. She did, however, say that I could take pictures of the Treasures of China exhibit. I thought, get pictures of some stone statues then cruise on through to the Marley exhibit.

Stamped and allowed for entry, I make my way up 4 stories to the China statue exhibit, thinking, I’ll just get what I need and leave. Well I got more than anticipated. I appreciate Buddhist philosophy and culture, so upon entering the exhibit, I took my time and really looked at what was on display. I thought of this more than just an assignment that needed completing. It was something that I might not get another chance to experience. In fact, I’m happy I was prohibited from taking pictures of the Bob Marley exhibit because much of what was on display, were things I’ve seen. Of course, the exception being a group picture of Marley and, off to the far left, Timothy Leary. Now that would have been an interesting group to hang out with.

My favourite two pieces out of the Treasures of China exhibit is Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara by Heng Hao and Holy Scene of Sakyamuni’s Nirvana by Zhang Jiyn. The piercing red and contrast between the figures in Hao’s painting really grabbed my attention. The clam nature of the woman, sitting in peace between two ferocious men some how made me think of harmony amongst chaos. As for Jiyn’s painting, it’s the use of colour and the illustrating of larger than life man lying on his side that captured my imagination. I was instantly transported into the silent depths of a jungle, to a hidden temple, where I was witness to member in the group, seen in the foreground, who’ve come to the realization and attainment of what it is.

Overall, I had a great time touring the Kitchener Museum. I would describe my Bob Marley experience, but I think my time was best spent with the Treasures of China.