Dirty writing

So I happened to surf to a website called therumpus.net after searching up adderall on Wikipedia. Now you might ask yourself, what the hell is the relation between a literary webiste have to do with adderall? Simple. It turns out that Stephen Elliott, is editor-in-chief of the aforementioned website, who wrote a book called the Adderall Diaries. Anyways, I was interested in what the book was about. It turns out that the book was not my taste, so I wanted to check out the website with the funny name. This is where I found some interesting stuff, mainly, this article. Besides it being hilarious and of a sexual nature, it reminds me, in some ways, regardless of how little, to my recently designed alcohol label. In some ways, both of these share similar content, sex. The label was designed for an absinthe, with the main idea being that it was a love potion. I tried to be subtle but opted out for taking the more explicit side of “love-making.”  I’m more content with the illustration, but on the whole, the design is weak. As for what I was originally intending to discuss, this manifesto is an entertaining read that points out sex is a fundamental subject and activity to be explored and enjoyed, not repressed and hidden. But mainly, I like this article because it’s an expression of an explicit nature. After all, it’s just art.

Philtre_Label Steve Almond - Why I write Smut