The wonderful world with Alice

I’ve watched the animated Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, when I was younger and didn’t much care for it. As I grew older, my interests have changed and I find this movie more and more appealing. I’ve never read anything by Lewis Carroll, so I’m going to assume that the movie is a reasonably accurate portrayal of Carroll’s story. I did not see the recent interpretation of Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton, which I’d eventually like to see. Anyways, I just recently watched another interpretation of Alice in Wonderland called Alice, directed by Jan Švankmajer in 1988. When shown this I was slightly confused, maybe it was the alcohol, but eventually everything became clear. I was told it was Alice in Wonderland and yes it was, but it to be composed by a kindergarten class. Well was I wrong. The overall style is grungy, dirty and dark. In comparison to the Disney movie, it is it’s opposite in every way visually. Disney is bright and whimsical, where as Švankmajer’s is gloomy and dilapidated. This is definitely not a children’s movie, for its tone is directed to a more mature audience. The eerie and creepy rendition of an already oddly thought/written story, has captured my interest and ignited intrigue. I was overcome with a giddiness and pleasure during the viewing of this movie, which seems questionable, considering the movie’s sullen style. I would highly recommend it be viewed by anyone with interests in stop-motion animation, a liking of atypical artistic movies, the enjoyment of the Lewis Carroll story, or to simply view another person’s version. The following is a trailer while the full movie can be seen here. I just added the movie links for something to view, although quality is poor, it’s a starting point into exploring the mind and capabilities of Jan Švankmajer.