I wish i had pulled myself instead

i’ve never pulled a muscle.
at least not one of my own.
never mind, i do pull my own
muscle every few days.
but in this instance,
there is no pleasure to be had.
during a soccer match
i sprinted towards a ball
that headed to goal.
my left quadriceps suddenly
seized up, burning with a knot.
so what if i’ll be limping
for sometime to come,
at least i didn’t tear it.
either way,
i still have to work.

Chile seasons the outback

No, I did not misspell Chile. World Cup has started a couple days ago. I’m excited more about this Cup because Chile has qualified – my dad is from Chile. Today was the day that Chile’s group all played. The Dutch spanked the Spanish, which I did not see coming. And then the Chileanos beat the Aussies. In both cases, it’s good news for team Chile. They are not known for being a powerhouse (top) team, but with Spain losing, it could work in their advantage. Win or lose, preferably win, I’m just glad for Chile. My dad has been in Canada longer than he has Chile, but I sense his pride, maybe nostalgia even, for his heritage permeate whenever Chile is involved in such events or news. So like I stated earlier, win or lose, I’m just glad to see Chile. At least let them get out of their group.