I try art because art lives

“art saves him, and through art – life.”

this was a line that i took, probably out of context, from friedrich nietzche. you must pardon me, for i’m trying to read what i don’t know, which to be honest, is everything. disregarding his initial intention, i’ve taken these words to mean something else to me.

this snippet in particular resonates with why i create, let alone think. i’ve always used some form of art to express myself. it’s a cyclical existence you see: i live to create and i create what i live. i’ve tried to realize my shortcomings as a so called “artist” – the lack of technical proficiency and misconception – although, i use these weaknesses as a strength. how can a weakness be a strength? simple. to know one’s limit is to know one’s progress.

i will admit mediocrity, even when i strive for originality. Knowing this, i still create what i can with what i’ve got because this cathartic impulse can only be satiated by myself.

regardless of its uselessness to others, i create because i live and i live for that ideal that is but a shadow of reality i experience.

Typing vomit

i wish i knew what it meant to be a writer.
as far as blogs are concerned,
i’m a typist.
i write, but that which i write
is not typed.
i expel myself in a form I don’t
fully understand.
i think i do it more so out of form
than content.
i’m found upon the streets,
within your local pharmacy,
weighted in your grocery store
at a price way above actuality.
spouting of junk doesn’t cost
monetary funds,
just esteem.
i’m in the negatives, but i’ll
finance such fancy.
habits need fulfilling,
and when wet,
i need drying.
this is how i shake myself dry.