Product for clearing landmines

This website has a short video of a product designer who, during his childhood, has experienced the negative effects of the landmines in his country. It turns out that where is his from there were many different armies who would train within the dessert near his city. After these armies had cleared out, they just so happened to leave behind many landmines, which resulted in many harmful events for the civilians. The desire to want to rid his homeland of these unnecessary landmines was fuel for his passion in designing a low-cost mine sweeping device. The video is short but for it’s shortness in duration, it makes up for it with its elegant cinematography, clean colour palette and a moving story. Oh, as well, the idea is quite forward and seems like a reasonable solution to the landmine problem.

Computer virus dissected

I just found this to be really cool, both in the aesthetic sense as well as content. It is also slightly scary, but that fear will always be there so long as we keep producing and improving upon technology. Even without it, there will be something else to scare us. Click here to watch a short video on the anatomy of a computer virus.