Second year complete, phew.

Just finished and feeling relieved, akin to, although less perverted and vulgar, as taking a shit. Nervous being part of my disposition, i was doubtful of my results, well with minor hope. There were things that I’ve completed over the school year that I liked and other projects that caused me grief.
I was called in, after my loose presentation of semester’s work, and my teachers made clearer, although known, my strengths and weaknesses. They’ve passed me, under the condition that I work on weaknesses. I’m greatful that they did that because I felt my weaknesses to be so poor that it would prohibit me from continuing one of my main interests life. The light they shed upon what I already knew was from a different angle, and one of positive criticism, which does not come from my self-talk. So although that I knew already where I needed help, their perspective and approach affirmed in me a glimmer of hope, that my doubt extinguishes.

Now, this blog has been a stepping stone in the sphere of social media, but I can confidently say that continuing this blog might come to an end. My teacher who assigned this project wrote that I should continue. And yes, I think it would be great practice and it’s a continuance of my learning, but what I say and have said, I feel and think is of no great loss to the greater whole. What I think and feel is something I feel is only relevant to myself, and to communicate it to another would be in vain. A vainity that both inflate and deflate my ego, which I think does more harm than good. I prefer not to pop nor to fizz out.
With all being said, I’ve decided to throw the penny my teacher gave me into the well, in search for a meaning in the ripples.

Graphic design should welcome advertising.

Although I’m a student in graphic design, I still have an affinity for good advertising. Is some respects, I’m an advertiser, but more on the visual creation side. The webiste has 35 clever and well done ads. I wish that our class would touch upon advertising, because there is much in that field of work that would undoubtedly help us, for example marketing psychology and writing. Now I’m not asking for any dramatic changes, but a slow implementation of aforementioned topics would prove beneficial, and thus, would allow us to be more versatile.

Anyways, these ads, sure are trying to sell something, but I think is some instances, we’re all trying to sell something. Right now I’m trying to sell you that we sell things. Sure, my pitch is not for money, but maybe it’s for approval, or something we can relate to? All I know is that advertising wouldn’t be a bad thing to brush upon in my graphic design course.