Brainstorming about Nothing

In a recent post, I mentioned the Project of Packaging Nothing and how I would monitor my progress. Well here is another snippet of work done for this project.

So yesterday in class we had a gentleman named Brock, who comes from a design solutions company, and he came in to help our class better define the approach to this very open project. Since his professional job is to come up with creative solutions for design problems, an example being traffic flow within a store and how does one direct people? With his friendly demeanor and enthusiastic personality, he was able to stir within our heads, questions that asked more questions, that essentially lead us in different directions of perception. His task was to enlighten us that something as broad as, “what is nothing,” can be answered, if not condensed, when one acquires as much information as possible.

The main thing I got out of the session with him was lots of research, of all perspectives and sides and ways, is key when designing for a solution that will work. So for example, I did not think of this, but for me, my nothing, or intangible, is light. I explained my choosing, he said great but who’s going to buy it and who’s going to make it? I had no idea. Now I’m thinking of it a bit more about what he said, but I found that the little bit time he spent in our class, turned out to be very useful.


Slightly lit into the tunnel

I was looking up unique folding instructions for use in an upcoming project, Project of Nothing.

So I’m searching, it’s not to long till I’ve found something of interest. I watch it, I’ve enjoyed it, now what else does he have, he being Lori Pullman. I realize I’m on a neat website, with artful videos, and I decide to use the search engine. This site, by the way, is I figured that if I found Lori’s videos on this site, I’m sure, although not certain, there might be more paper folding videos to be found. I then came across this video. I liked what I saw and continued to look through the creators profile. This link is for the artist/designer, Greg Barth. The video is just a quick overview of some of his work. I found it extremely interesting to see how he and his team plan then create, it’s wicked.

Now, I have a better idea for the end result of my package design, the Project of Nothing. I’m putting up just a fragment of the research I’ve collected. I’ve labelled each image with a specific title. The titles correspond to the function of each image. According to my interpretation of the project’s criteria, this “nothing” is intangible. Take for example love, if you had to reduce love to a product, what would you design to capture others interests.? Or image the packaging for the ability to grow flowers on grass by peeing on it. Now I didn’t chose something that ridiculous, instead, I chose to design for Light. With my concept, I’m taking what I think light is and how is/can it be interpreted, and revision my thoughts from what I’ve seen of other people. I have thumbnails, but I’ll long those up in a bit. I don’t have credits for the images that I’m reshowing, but I might have them on my pinterest account, bradical12.

Project of Nothing, mood board

Project of Nothing, mood board