Money run clocks

A saying I’m familiar in hearing is , “time equals money,” I can now reaffirm, through my own experience, its assertion in defining a truth.

i’m losing time, and as such, money follows.
misplaced investments teach suckers how to suck,
i couldn’t tell you what good investments prove.
i’m sure it wouldn’t be something to complain about.
then again, i don’t think i’d be completely satisfied
if i didn’t hold a gripe with something.
if all goes right, there must be something going wrong?
then again,
all my rights turned left.

The rules of freedom of expression

is political correctness
just another weight
on the freedom of expression?
hate is not needed,
but true freedom flies
i don’t endorse hate,
but i have no right to silence their
right to express themselves.
what i have control over is
what i expose myself to.