Sloan rocks Canada Day, courtesies dismissed

Happy Canada day fellow Canadians. I went downtown to watch Sloan, for free, which was great. I was surprised that my city had a better band playing music than that at parliament hill.

Anyways, the atmosphere was lively. People seemed to be enjoying themselves. My experience was slightly soured by the inconsiderateness of some of the people. For example, to hold the door open for someone, when you really don’t have to, and they walk by without any sort of acknowledgement. Surely I’m thankful when someone does something for me that they don’t have to, so why don’t others display the same appreciation? I told him he was welcome, but he obviously didn’t care. I guess we live together but for ourselves?

Another incident was when an impatient lady was standing so close to me in line at a convenience store, that when it was my turn to pay she just jumped in front of me. Apparently, her time is more valuable than mine? I can be selfish, but there’s some sort of unwritten societal norms we’ve created, that others feel above.

Yes, we are all different. We have a variation of: tolerances, understanding, knowledge, but to act as if others do not warrant any sort of decency, regardless of your opinion or their actions, shows a disregard to your fellow beings.

Maybe I’m making a big deal about nothing? Maybe we need examples of people like that to show us what not to become, so that we can set a better example for others. With those minor issues aside, Sloan put on a kick ass show, as usual, and all I had to do was use a bus ticket. I’d be up for more concerts that cost a bus ticket.