Feeling thoughts a little misguided

feeling leads as long
as reason permits
decisions made in heated
passion run blind of logic
rational emotion tends
to the paths of disarray
impulsivity agitates
the pond of reflection
corporeal sentiments
need not pay mind
situations dictate
expectations attained
by impartial inference.

Animals run things

i often wish to be an animal. then i’m reminded i am an animal, but one who apparently thinks. i realize the complications to my simplistic definition, but i think that these other animals are capable of thinking too. it’s been written that they lack rationale, or reason, but i in no way can deny their reason for their way of life. they could act out of behaviour, or they could think behaviour, which then becomes an act. the only difference between us and the animals is advertising and business. but i’m sure they have their own business, but to each their own.