Create because…

…you can.
…you must.
…it speaks.
…it listens.
…it presents.
…it inspires.
…it lives.


The power of a flower

this is a concept i’ve been working on, what is a flower, or what does it mean to be a flower?  i would like to elaborate but this question’s answer is self directed. the colours are not final, at least for the blue tulip. i intend to give such flower a more aquamarine colour scheme.

Flower Power rough concepts

Flower Power rough concepts

Just noticed i’ve got a gun.

i’ve got a gun.
although, i’m not sure whose it is.
i notice everyone around me
carry guns, presumably theirs.
i’m not sure if they use it,
or how they use it,
or even what they load it with?
where do they find their ammunition?
does someone give it to them,
do they steal it, or
do they buy it?
i see them carry
their guns to work,
to schools, to restaurants,
while driving in traffic,
during Sunday mass,
even on family vacation.
shots can be heard
in exchange for
power, money, ideals, beliefs.
since when did we all have guns
and the thought that because
we have one, we should use it?
all i know is,
i’ve got a gun.
one day i’ll shoot.
until then,
i’ll stick to using