There, would you look here

here                                  hey, over here.
whoa, you’re a bit far?
naw, not really. you can still read me.
i guess you’re right. why over           there?
i’m just trying something new to me.
i see. how’s it working out for yeah?
looks different, but it feels the same.

Riding late night suburbia

this bus ride is one of uncertainty.
what to expect?
filled with the promise
yet deprived of delivery.
raised in a slump,
neglected from the privileged.
unwanted excrement from both sides,
one instance being a poor attempt of modicum,
while another an ass kisser.
with each vomit hitting each other point blank,
neither has the decency to assist.
until then allow,
watch this harmful limbo.
maybe we just like hurting ourselves?