A myopic vision of improvement

i saw one side,
they saw the others.
i thought i saw,
but, instead,
what i saw
was only a part
of what i thought.
stronger foundation
borne from all angles.


Compromising slants

i see what’s in front of me
what, you mean it’s beside me?
well where is it that you stand?
position directs a view
in need of compromise.
our slant is reinforced
by similar angles.
so who can be wrong
when an object is viewed
by all perspectives?

Tilted upright

everything is on a bit of a slant.
a discreet incline i’ve seemed to
greatly misjudged.
walking askew against the grain,
and it hits me.
the level is fine.
it is i who is off.
where do i go for recalibration?
i can go to a mechanic for my car,
or a dry-cleaner for my clothes.
i would go to the shrinks, but
i’m feeling small already.
what i need is to grow.
i think it best to follow
prospering growers.

Certified shit maker

I enjoy talking shit because it is something I make on the daily. I’m capable of such talk since it’s been my life’s work to produce such copious amounts of it. Oh yeah, and I try to draw and design. Or is it that I design to draw? No, wait, I draw a design… Yeah I think I do those too, but I’m not entirely sure. I guess the lack of accolades and career tells me otherwise. I’m mean, I’ve received a piece of paper proving my competence, yet there doesn’t seem many who would vouch for shit. It saddens me because I’m thoroughly knowledgeable in that which is transgressive. I’m the arrow shot straight through shit. The course was straight, but the target, by happenstance, is a load of shit. Although I must admit, I see shit everywhere. Luckily I’ve invested in some new glasses, so I’m sure I’m perspective will change.