Personally speaking objectively

insulated ignorance
blanketing misconceptions,
making what is
into what might be.
possibility unknown of certainty,
could be this,
that that is not.
an ideal personally subjected
to personal objectivity.
wait, that doesn’t make sense.
impartial review cannot
count upon experience.
facts dictate facts that
individuation particularizes.
the minority speaks to
unheard majority volumes.
is life lived less
than life objectified?

Tilted upright

everything is on a bit of a slant.
a discreet incline i’ve seemed to
greatly misjudged.
walking askew against the grain,
and it hits me.
the level is fine.
it is i who is off.
where do i go for recalibration?
i can go to a mechanic for my car,
or a dry-cleaner for my clothes.
i would go to the shrinks, but
i’m feeling small already.
what i need is to grow.
i think it best to follow
prospering growers.