Left, right, back or front, either way, i’m moving

just move
find your beat
and carrying it loud
move how you will for
your pleasure depends on it
we all hear a different rhythm
and act accordingly
understanding experience
looks odd from outside
life lives apart of perception
one that distorts reality
differences shared
through a loosely
veiled guise.

Busting at the seam with inexperience

one droplet,
another, another,
and many more.
they’ve taken refuge amongst a fault.
living tide upon verge,
limits once contained
faults pronounced under stress.
stress exacerbates faults.
the upholding damn,
buckles into hell.
order restored through loss,
doubt is new order.
former foundations crumble
to new wear.
inexperience rests no easy feet,
building takes time business cannot waste.