How the night fares

it’s a late night fare
that time can’t buy
distance haggles a price
for the sake of safety

meter on
tank full
greetings made
enter coordinates
end destination

attention to detail
creates depth
appreciated through
patience and persistence
the ride may be over
but much has been learned

Typing vomit

i wish i knew what it meant to be a writer.
as far as blogs are concerned,
i’m a typist.
i write, but that which i write
is not typed.
i expel myself in a form I don’t
fully understand.
i think i do it more so out of form
than content.
i’m found upon the streets,
within your local pharmacy,
weighted in your grocery store
at a price way above actuality.
spouting of junk doesn’t cost
monetary funds,
just esteem.
i’m in the negatives, but i’ll
finance such fancy.
habits need fulfilling,
and when wet,
i need drying.
this is how i shake myself dry.