Lighting a darkness that darkens what’s not lit.

who cuts who first,
does dark pierce light
or is it that light
penetrates dark?
i can only assume
it depends upon the situation.
basely basking in the brilliance,
darkness marks prominence.
where as wallowing within the darkness,
such luster lividly lacerates.
contemplation reveals a subjective relativity.
i think both fairly deluge sensation
unable of compromise, regardless
of particular situation.
i must accept both dark and light
as being opposing perfunctory equivalents.
speaking contradiction, each lend
to one anothers being.

Happy suicide

could you image a book in which the protagonist is a gregarious, empathetic and loveable character who is looking for someone to listen to him exhaust himself to suicide? i would wonder at how this characters keen and extroverted spirits end up being the cause of his own demise. what happens along the way that causes this persons transformation? albeit suicide, cannot beauty be seen or portray through such acts of ultimate will power? despair seems to shine a light onto that which grows in the darkness of happiness.

Connecting through obstruction

it’s strange the amount of time i’ve spent caressed by other’s ideals. but upon consumption, interpretation of said/written words leave me feeling dumb. what’s with the jargon? never mind, it’s a specialty. we need this to distinguish those that have to those that have not. we could feel the same thing, but without the proper terminology, we are alien. i’ve always looked to myself for feeling, but if it does not correspond to those who’ve “affirmed” it through print, i must be misusing what i’ve understood. to me, understanding is a matter of sitting. i guess i can say this because the experience i’ve learned has been through reading. my experience has run counter to what i’ve been taught. am i wrong, or are they wrong? what if we’re both wrong, or maybe we’re both right? the majority doesn’t include the minority, otherwise it wouldn’t be a majority. but doesn’t that make it discriminatory? inclusion requires all and not just the majority. how can satisfaction be brought to all? i don’t think equality will be possible when difference is our similarity. until we recognize¬† different being out relation, inclusion is not fully realized. we may tolerate or permit it, but we’ll not fully live it. we require sameness, but that’s control, something unnatural. i’m just as guilty as the next in my lack of inclusion. i see difference as opposite rather than addition. we all add something, and our disconnect is detrimental.

Stormy lullaby’s

this talking speeds faster than wind,
it’s heats and cools the mind.
when opposites collide,
storms gather.
thunder booms,
giving way to turbulence,
yet lightning strikes
only when it must.
i enjoy illuminated nights.
it’s the blinking of night,
awakening the life of sleep.
yet these crashes minimally disturb.
okay, some might find it discomforting,
but do they not find comfort in