Looking wayward

i know i don’t see straight,
but i’m not sure who does.
we’ve developed glasses,
yet vision still degrades.
well, how about we lazer
those weak eyes?
it works, yes.
no more face
encumbering accessory,
but things are still askew.
i paid for correction and
instead got 20/20 to fault.

Big soak for small umbrella

i feel more comfortable in the dark.
where as the light illuminates,
the dark hides.
people, for the most part,
are asleep.
this gives me a sense of security.
cloaked by night,
my abnormality awakens.
of course, it might just be
my judgement that is abnormal.
i look like you,
i behave like you,
i think like you.
a normal umbrella does not
give full coverage.
for the most part,
we are covered.
the rest is drenched.

Normalcy not so normal

we’re both human.
but you like this,
i like that.
you behave like this,
i behave like that.
well, can that be normal?
of course, difference is normal.
yet, what’s with this classifying one another in terms of normalcy?
a mental illness, or difference in what’s typical is not normal,
but we’re suppose to accept homosexuality as normal?
i think we’re all normal.
but when comparing each other,
our differences make us abnormal.
because we’re different,
and what you say is right,
i say is wrong.
i read somewhere that it’s easiest to point out difference,
but harder to connect with the similarities.
it maybe be difficult to accept the differences,
but maybe it’s easier to do so
if we remember we’re all part of the
same whole.