It is what it is…

the common rally.
But if that were the case,
would that mean:
are they permissible?
of course,
it is what it is.
but what if it wasn’t?
I hold onto negativity,
but should we stand for defeat?

Full glass empties

it started with a full glass
but as the time went on,
and mouths began to dry,
the full glass was gulped
down to half empty.
realizing the event
was to be prolonged,
consumption was
stringent, at best.
isn’t it funny how
every full glass
becomes empty
in the

Fencing thoughts for balance

i doubt my will,
or maybe that’s my nature?
to be uncertain seems natural.
i believe in doubt and
yet i doubt to fully believe.
i sit upon the fence of indifference,
only to sometimes step upon the grasses
that tickle my toes justly.
it’s hard to chose,
when each reason supports
and cancels each other out.
i agree with both the positive and negative.
i think this, but then i think that.
my thoughts are constructively counter-productive.
i break even, yet i’m unbalanced.

Shots of revelation

i’ve taken a shot.
i’ve given a shot.
i don’t own a firearm,
and i’m certainly glad my arm is
not on fire.
my bottle is my gun,
but at least we’ll recover
from its damage.
our health does not benefit,but experience might.
you may regard the hanging over
the wire to dry as a negative,
but experience has been taught.
it takes but one shot to see life.
recovery is decided upon
lessons learned.