Stretching knowledge

as i sit here tapping my foot,
to a beat i cannot keep,
others fall in step.
i look their movement
and realize,
they don’t know
what comes next.
i must admit,
upon first impression,
they seem knowledgeable.
so what do i gather from this?
flail in all direction,
that way you’re bound
to reach some place.

Cross-walk around

have you ever cross-walked?
i know i haven’t.
i think i’ve crawled,
walked, maybe even
but cross-walk?
i’ve walked across
a cross, although
not on Jesus’
i don’t need to be religious
to respect their idols.
i figure this kind of
walk would prove cumbersome,
much like the word,
such a mouthful,
which i don’t think
you’d want when
doing a cross-walk.