Big brands reduced in minimalist package redesign exercise

I found a website that has set out to minimize, or deconstruct, popular logos to a more basic and simplistic form. It was a design exercise in reducing the visual noise found in some modern logo aesthetics. By visual noise, I mean the amount of design elements compounded together. I think it is an interesting exercise to practice because it forces critical analysis and selection of necessary elements to be added or subtracted from the current design. Of course, it would be a sterile and stagnate world if everything was designed to the lowest common denominator, but it’s a cool pair of shades when everything is glaring to the point of blindness. These simplified logos, in my opinion, even though this was just an exercise, proved that logos don’t need all the bells and whistles to be successful. One real life example of this can be found with the Starbucks and Apple logo. Please visit this site for all minimalist design exploration images.