I’ve played this game before.

“You will do well to remember that the world is just as it was formerly, and will go on at the same rate. If you either dip into history, or recollect your own experience, you will perceive the scenes of life strangely uniform, and nothing but the old plays revived.” – Marcus Aurelius

I’m not sure when it was that I thought this, but it doesn’t help that I found this to further support my thinking. I can’t say for certain, although my time spent in Serbia was enough to let me know, leaving home doesn’t change anything. Granted, I enjoy my time in Serbia, and regardless of the communication barrier, I found that life is similar. Surely traditions and customs differ, but life continues.

And it makes me laugh that I dwell upon the notion of a man many years ago, who has put forth the same thought that I’ve worked towards. Maybe I search for confirmation, or maybe, it is, in some form, true. But again, what is truth? We may belong to a similar nature, but are we the same?

No. We’ve planted ourselves with roots of many years, yet each blossoming differs, regardless of the same tree from which it’s borne. I believe it was through the learning of graphic design that I established such a notion. The cosmetics may have changed, yet the message remains the same. That was something I noticed in the realm of learning. No matter what/how pretty the picture, the message remained the same. This must by why the ideals of the modernists, leaning more towards a graphic designers slant, have captivated me like they did, form follows function.

I’ve come to the realization that form does not hold weight without context, thus, reenforcing the idea that form follows function. I cannot be entirely sure because of discrepancy, but I’m sure enough that I let it dictate my actions.

Thought something, then didn’t

I thought I had something to say, then I realized… I don’t. Wait, I do. It’s just that it comes and goes so easily, I’m constantly juggling with items both there and not there. “Your way is therefore to manage this minute in harmony with nature, and part with it cheerfully; and like a ripe olive when you drop, be sure to speak well of the mother that bare you, and make your acknowledgments to the tree that produced you,” – Marcus Aurelius. I considered elaborating, but then I lost it.