Swimming in everything

i can’t swim. i took lessons but a kid threw up in the pool. my dad didn’t take me back. i learned to swim on my back and the doggy paddle. swimming on my back was relaxing. as for the doggy paddle, i believe that to be nature’s preprogrammed backup. seeings how i walked on land to get around, let’s say swimming lessons became something to be had at the beach. thrown into the deep end, i can only hope that my will to live is stronger than my swimming skills.

Shots of revelation

i’ve taken a shot.
i’ve given a shot.
i don’t own a firearm,
and i’m certainly glad my arm is
not on fire.
my bottle is my gun,
but at least we’ll recover
from its damage.
our health does not benefit,but experience might.
you may regard the hanging over
the wire to dry as a negative,
but experience has been taught.
it takes but one shot to see life.
recovery is decided upon
lessons learned.