Speak up, we can’t hear

i’m not going to fight.
i’ll follow orders,
no matter how irrational.
this soft voice holds no command.
suicide dictates the voices unheard.
explanation lost due to helplessness.
kill discrepancy, not yourself.


Feelings of happy anger

they say it’ll get better,
and i’m sure it will.
but what do i know?
i’m resistant to change,
i’m closed off from the new.
i repeat my daily rituals,
it’s my habit.
i’d like to think my feelings
but when i do, they seem irrational.
don’t get me wrong,
i’m content, albeit it be fleeting,
i do, however, find that i’m
quick to anger.
what a waste of energy.
but like i said,
my rituals are my habit,
and being unopened to change,
the anger remains.