Why do you write shit?

i write shit because it’s all i know.
i’m sure, if i knew more, it’d still be shit.
then again, that depends on who’s looking.
being art and it’s subjectivity,
anything created has the
potential of being good, or shit.
i make shit because
like my body,
i need to release waste.
i’d sooner be hated
than falsely appreciated.
my shit may sink,
but to whose nose?
we should all continue to
make because it is a source
of inspiration to another.
we all work off the same
shit pile, but we see it
in a slightly different way.
let us plug the toilets,
and defecate on the floor.
maybe then others
will come to recognize
shit from actual shit.

Like the Smile Epidemic

Here is a fun idea called I Was I Was, that seems similar to the Smile Epidemic (something my fellow classmates participated in). Unlike the Smile Epidemic you do not write down the things that make you smile. Instead, you write down something you’d wish for and place a sticker, that has the wish written on it, in place of  where you’d want the wish to be. It’s an interesting mode of creating conversation, or just something to pass the time. Check out the site here for the details as well as pictures of peoples wishes.