I’m pleased, why?

look at that dog chasing its tail.
there’s no need to involve another.
content to follow itself,
it leads its own pleasure.
such focus belongs to nature.
a nature speaking will
of direction and definition.
traveling refinement
sharpens conclusions.


Money run clocks

A saying I’m familiar in hearing is , “time equals money,” I can now reaffirm, through my own experience, its assertion in defining a truth.

i’m losing time, and as such, money follows.
misplaced investments teach suckers how to suck,
i couldn’t tell you what good investments prove.
i’m sure it wouldn’t be something to complain about.
then again, i don’t think i’d be completely satisfied
if i didn’t hold a gripe with something.
if all goes right, there must be something going wrong?
then again,
all my rights turned left.