Taught to traverse the stream

It’s hard to see without
and it’s hard to see with.
Blind to awareness,
yet, aware of the blindness.

I forget where I was reminded, but I rediscovered the idea of stream of consciousness writing from a fellow’s blog. It reminded me of my idea generation teacher. Her name was Jane and nature had crafted her beautifully. Physically, she emanated the radiance of a 20 year old, regardless of being older than that.

But with physical beauty aside, her personality and presentation of herself made me happy. Her manner of presenting the course information, being very dramatic and gestural, but she was a formally trained actor, made be smile. I could barely contain my contentment with her enthusiasm. She stopped to question me. I don’t blame her. I’m the only kid in the class with a huge smile cracking his face in half. I responded to her, in front of the whole class, that I was enjoying her being. I might not have said that exactly, but that’s what I was trying to express.

The positivity she garnered made anything seem possible. I wish I had more time being her student, but sadly, it was only for a semester. Getting back to the point, stream of consciousness, she introduced to me the idea of a note book in which I set a timer and wrote down whatever came to mind, unfiltered.

At the time I found the process a bit silly. Now, looking back on that exercise, I realize it’s usefulness. I’ve tried, in some respect, to write without forethought – being the most natural display of thought – but I’m also guilty at interfering in such processes.

I guess what I’m saying is hamburger bun, peanut butter octopus, cucumber, horse riding jockey foot sandwiches would not be as tasty as they sound. You might as well eat the ass of a gremlin. I’m sure neither would be tasty, but one would taste better than the other. Underwear. I guess I’ve started to go with the flow.

Advertising looking for talent, not dignity.

The song Designer from Queens of the Stone Age I think is a fair observation of my age. Being a recent graduate of design, I always knew that my skill of promotion could be used as a negative, instead of a beneficial and informative tool. I don’t mind being the tool for another, as long as I agree with their ideals. And many of these corporate ideals, all amount to dollars.

It seems like information can translate to a denominational value, but at what cost? Human life? Natural habit? Privacy? No, yet I’m a product of this beast. And who can I work with that’ll be willing to pay me for similar ideals and skills I can bring in combating this disinformation? Do companies, not charities, exist that don’t promote omnipotent, soulless, disingenuous corporations? Due to PR, a lot of companies want to look responsible, but really, how many are?

This is all opinion and has no basis in fact. I’m sure some companies are contributing to the common good, but how long did it take them? And what are their real motives for such a decision?

I work at Shoppers Drug Mart, and they advertise being a part of ending women’s cancer, or cancer in general. But, they want your money first in their pockets before you donate to the wholesome cause. If you are genuinely concerned with cancer, would you not contribute without the aid of some corporate message?

I knew the whole time that I was getting into an soulless industry, but it’s the only art I’m proficient in. Maybe that’s because I’ve been sold to since I was an infant. And thanks to social media and the fact that the cellular phone has become a bodily necessity, we can now get 24 hour advertisementing.

And even if you don’t have all this technology, there are those who’ve contracted the ad disease and transfer their knowledge onto you. As much as you resist, their efforts double. Their tactics improve with each psychological discovery. Science has much to offer, and much of that can be to the detriment to the human race.

Advertising, when improperly utilized, studies a habit and designs itself to activate such triggers within ones psyche. This then gives them the power to influence us, even when we are sternly against what we buy.

I’m not immune to this working, I’ve mentioned this in a previous blog. This has been constructed many years before me and how they’ve now become so ingrained within our consciousness, that we accept it as being natural. When in fact, advertising is so unnatural, at least in these falsified forms promoting monetary gain for a singular corporate body.

This is not a valid reason for me not to apply to design firms, but it does weigh heavily upon my mind. I need to make money to live and part of that is contributing to what already exists. I already work part-time for a company who spreads faster than herpes. At least I’m just stocking shelves and not actually designing visual aids for programmable consumerism.

Maybe it’s just a matter of me maturing, or accepting this predestined fact. But as far as I know, there can be something better. How many billion people in this world and not a single person can come up with a better model of business? I’m not implying that such an idea is easy, but taking into account the amount of people, I would like to think there are many intelligent people who are capable in working up a possible solution.

For those who garner a progressive and positive ideal for the future, those are the people I would gladly service and support. But since I’m someone with no “real life experience” I must submit myself to some corporation.

Designer traits: contrasting my strength against my weakness

We all have them, strengths and weakness of a particular nature. Through my academic career, specifically dealing with graphic design, I’ve gained strengths and discovered weaknesses I was unaware I had. The following images is brainstorming of a project I did a couple years ago. I was asked to pick an item and portray it in 40 ways. I misinterpreted the project because it was meant more for 40 various illustration styles. Instead, I took a pre-existing object, in my case a clothing iron, and shaped it to fit other utilities and/or personalities. Aside from the bit of a mix-up, I did extremely well on the project because the teach thoroughly enjoyed my direction of thinking. So that’s where I thought to myself, I should embrace my approach. Now on the same project, my teacher noted that I lacked variety of artistic styles as well as detail in my illustrations. That was, and still is, a weakness I’ve had my whole life, my lack of ability in technical execution in mock-ups and illustrations. It is especially frustrating now, I’m 2nd year Graphic Design student, and I’m expected to produce high quality projects. Although, I must admit, my illustrations are improving, so that’s a step in the right direction.

So the grouping of images are ideas for the forms or personalities that a clothing iron could assume. I had the most fun trying to create a personality for an inanimate object. There are a lot of different uses for a clothing iron, but I don’t really have all the time to list them. This proved to me that I could utilize my approach to better complete any future projects. Or just having another way to pass the time.

I’m content with the interactivity amongst all the irons. One the outer rim the irons turn in a clockwise manner, creating a sort of moving boarder. Now each square, following the outer rim have things in opposition to them directly across from them. Columns 2 and 7 are all modes of transportation. Columns 3 and 6 are animals. As for columns 4 and 5, I did as miscellaneous. I’m okay with the illustration style, or lack there of, but I do see that it is a weakness of mine.