Faults aren’t fake

i want to pretend,
but i can’t convince myself,
let alone others.
working to play
isn’t fun.
exhausted smiles
speak encumbrance.
confusion impedes progress
posing knowledgeably
defends marginally.
i will not fake it
to make it.
i’d sooner fail
than preserve
a false ideal.
failure reveals
that which
a fake tries
to conceals.
faults build up
which a fake
will destroy.

Goodbye chat

i’m sorry,
i did not state my intentions sooner.
i just wanted to spend some time with you.
that’s all.
i didn’t want to touch you,
i didn’t want to hurt you.
all i wanted was conversation.
is that so hard to believe?
we can do anything with our minds,
why muddy things in the material?
fine. okay, i’ll go now.
think of me how you like,
i can’t direct your thoughts.