Domenic Bahmann, I like your work.

i was recently made aware of an artist’s work through a friend of mine. she told me it made her think of me. she said that i do that. to put it clearly, i don’t, i lack the intelligence and finesse. anyways, i was intrigued by the work of Domenic Bahmann. his conceptual work makes me smile because of his ability to repurpose and portray preexisting concepts. i appreciate the value of an idea over its aesthetic, but i also know the value of the medium to which these ideas are presented. Domenic has the ability to marry both look and idea. i appreciate my friend for sharing this with me, so now, allow me to share it with you.

I don’t have VD but I do have GD

Being a recent graduate of a graphic design course, and forever student, I’ve come to the realization that I’m not immune to the beast I’m involved with. I was bred of her, nursed from her bosom, then unleashed to the world to spread her. Although, during periods of nursing, I’ve recognized my mother at work. I’ve grown aware of her abilities, obviously not all, seeings how I still return for sustenance, but I can say confidently, I’m now better equipped to deal with her. Her transmutation of mediums may distract my eyes, but her words deceive her. Communication is her art, which makes my task to disrupt her disinformation for others to make well informed, and hopefully objective, choices. As long as I’m in the business to make “pretty products,” I have a responsibility to provide others with information based on integrity and objectivity, and of course, with my sense of style. Hey, I need to make money too.

Gone live

So I’ve created myself a website. Besides being a school assigned project, it seemed like a necessary step towards the development of my professional career. Sure, I’ve signed up for Tumblr, WordPress, even Behance, but I figured the more publicity the better.

I made my site using Adobe Muse because Adobe Dreamweaver is to complicated for me. We were taught a bit of it in school, but it really just left everyone confused and scared of web design.

Seriousness deflated

This is a minor post, on the brink of re-posting someone elses work. Click the link and be transported to beautifully shot photography paired with equally suited typography. The humor is contrasted against the seriousness of the photography, adding to the overall appeal. Upon dissection of each composition, it’s clear to see design elements in play, ranging from the typeface choices and its colour to the position of the type on the photograph. It is one way of taking the edge off a knife and turning it into a banana.

Graphic design should welcome advertising.

Although I’m a student in graphic design, I still have an affinity for good advertising. Is some respects, I’m an advertiser, but more on the visual creation side. The webiste has 35 clever and well done ads. I wish that our class would touch upon advertising, because there is much in that field of work that would undoubtedly help us, for example marketing psychology and writing. Now I’m not asking for any dramatic changes, but a slow implementation of aforementioned topics would prove beneficial, and thus, would allow us to be more versatile.

Anyways, these ads, sure are trying to sell something, but I think is some instances, we’re all trying to sell something. Right now I’m trying to sell you that we sell things. Sure, my pitch is not for money, but maybe it’s for approval, or something we can relate to? All I know is that advertising wouldn’t be a bad thing to brush upon in my graphic design course.

Ludovic Balland, Modern Swiss Style

Born in 1973, Ludovic Balland studied visual communication at the University of Art and Design in Basel before specializing in typography (training at Dalton & Maag, London) as well as in typesetting and book conception. In 2002, he founded the studio The Remingtons in Basel, focusing on typography and typesetting techniques. The studio was awarded several prizes, for example for the book Globus Cassus. In 2006, Balland founded his own studio, Typography Cabinet, with which he mainly purses typographical investigations and editorial design.

Balland regularly teaches at ECAL/University of Art and Design in Lausanne, where he teaches typography in master’s and bachelor’s classes. He was a guest professor of typography at the Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany) in 2008 and has given several typography workshops and lectures. His notable works include the design of the visual identity and catalog of the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, the design of the 4th volume of Herzog & de Meuron’s Complete Works (Birkhäuser), and the design of a new visual identity for the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. Typography Cabinet received a Certificate of Typographic Excellence from the TDC55 (Type Directors Club in New York) in 2009.

The three-volume catalogue series Teaching Architecture, designed by Balland, was chosen as one of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books in 2010 and won an honorary appreciation in the Best Book Design From All Over the World category at the Stiftung Buchkunst Leipzig in 2011. Balland was also a winner of the Swiss Federal Design Awards that same year.

The information gathered for this graphic artist was from this site. I do not take credit for what has been written for Ludovic’s short bio, but I do take credit for what will be written after this period.

So I came across Ludovic Balland while searching the internet for all things graphic design. I have no prior knowledge of Ludovic or his work. I just followed the clicks of my mouse and his work grabbed my attention. I think what attracted me to see more from Balland was that his style seems to be influenced greatly by Swiss Style graphic design. It’s a style I mostly favour, so when I saw just a snippet of his work, I had to investigate it further.

tumblr_mfczfajgvA1qbzf5jo1_500 tumblr_mdteadRjXx1qi36d1o10_r1_1280 tumblr_mdteadRjXx1qi36d1o5_r2_1280So featured here is just a small selection of his work. To get a better sense of his style, visit his website. His strong display of typography skill is something that I appreciate, as well as colour selection and layout. This is only one example of someone’s skills whom I wish to work towards.

Slightly lit into the tunnel

I was looking up unique folding instructions for use in an upcoming project, Project of Nothing.

So I’m searching, it’s not to long till I’ve found something of interest. I watch it, I’ve enjoyed it, now what else does he have, he being Lori Pullman. I realize I’m on a neat website, with artful videos, and I decide to use the search engine. This site, by the way, is I figured that if I found Lori’s videos on this site, I’m sure, although not certain, there might be more paper folding videos to be found. I then came across this video. I liked what I saw and continued to look through the creators profile. This link is for the artist/designer, Greg Barth. The video is just a quick overview of some of his work. I found it extremely interesting to see how he and his team plan then create, it’s wicked.

Now, I have a better idea for the end result of my package design, the Project of Nothing. I’m putting up just a fragment of the research I’ve collected. I’ve labelled each image with a specific title. The titles correspond to the function of each image. According to my interpretation of the project’s criteria, this “nothing” is intangible. Take for example love, if you had to reduce love to a product, what would you design to capture others interests.? Or image the packaging for the ability to grow flowers on grass by peeing on it. Now I didn’t chose something that ridiculous, instead, I chose to design for Light. With my concept, I’m taking what I think light is and how is/can it be interpreted, and revision my thoughts from what I’ve seen of other people. I have thumbnails, but I’ll long those up in a bit. I don’t have credits for the images that I’m reshowing, but I might have them on my pinterest account, bradical12.

Project of Nothing, mood board

Project of Nothing, mood board

Illustrated observational humor done by a cynic

In some ways, besides the sharp colours, clean illustrations and the sharp wit, I somewhat find some truth within these observations. Although it might not be Truth, it holds it’s weight during this generation. Eduardo Salles is an advertiser, designer, illustrator, writer and professor at the Miami Ad School and he is the one responsible for these illustrated observations. I’d like to say more, but I’ll refrain from trying to make what I think out of his idea. It boils down to anyone who appreciates a stylish and contemporary critique on modern life, assuming your modern life coincides with the content depicted. To see his work, click here.

Looking to laugh, look here

I wanted to add this into the mix because I felt it necessary to make my blog design oriented, yet not so stiff and serious. The artist of these illustrations, who by chances happens to be a  graphic designer, Glenn Jones, takes two similar or completely opposite subjects/topics, and grounds them in something relatable to each portrayed subject/topic, or to something experienced in everyday life. It’s a visual display of observational humor in some respect. Whatever you want to call it, it is pretty darn funny. The aesthetic, in my opinion, is slick, clean and crisp, much like that of the artists humor. Check out the link here and here. The first link is the initial showcase of this artists work on the website, Twisted Sifter, and the second link, well it’s the second mention of the artist.