I think you are pretty

she laughed at me
when i told her that.
maybe they all told her
that, but i’m not them.
so i told her again.
this time,
she didn’t laugh.

Good to offer

can i help you with anything?

i’m not sure. are you good at anything?

i can breath and walk at the same time. does that count?

no, unfortunately is does not count, but it’s funny you tired.

well, how’s about that?


reaching beyond myself.

Misguidance through bad judgment

excuse me for my pace, i’m slow. as for my vision, everything is a bit off center. i didn’t know that its all transitory. when i was young, everything belonged to me. as the years passed, and i grew older, i began to lose what i thought was mine. these losses expounded change as the only constant and i don’t owe a damned thing. for me, change has been a difficult thing when routine has become a habit of normalcy. i’ve been prolonged in accepting that things are not inherently bad, but the judgments i hold are bad. i cannot control the external, it’s just not in my ability or power. although, what i think i can control, and with that in mind, what happens outside of my sphere of choice is not for me to comment. sadly, i continue to comment which i’ve mistakenly turned into a habit. i speak garbage that unnecessarily pollutes, first and foremost myself, and than those around me. i must silence myself to let what is, be and act accordingly.