Looking for some body

I knew I shouldn’t have done it,
but I felt compelled to do it.
it began innocently.
fleeting glances, that led to
an exchange of words,
and eventually, rendezvouses.
discretion had to be taken.
I was planning on something that
was best kept incognito.
I go public
when I’m ready and
in my own way.
One can’t rush art.
I’m glad the dates are over.
All that’s left is the carving
and the show.

Bark said the cat

What an upside down it was to land right side up. The direction seems irrelevant, of course if you didn’t mind suspension. Look, there’s a sign. No, there it is. Can’t you see it. You just missed it. That’s okay, here comes another one. What do you mean you don’t understand? It’s in front of you and you’re still confused. Hmm. Okay, how about you step down from two legs and get back to crawling on all fours? How’s that going? I know the view is not the best, but it seems like looking at shit will make you want to stand again. It’s alright you know, slow and easy with the race. Okay, so if it’s a sprint, no, slow always loses. But if it’s a marathon, then you’ve got this. Turn you head and slowly you’re legs will follow. It not, get your mind into it.