Geist, magazine style I appreciate.

I remember buying my first peculiar magazine, Geez Magazine, and being drawn to the visual interest
created with their designs. The content of the writing was something new as well and later took to searching
for relatable designs.

I’m not exactly sure, but my memory recalls the website being called Genuine Canadian Magazine. It’s a discounted magazine subscription website, but I was using the site  for magazines I could possibly check out in-stores. I chanced Geist and I’ve found it serves as a great aspiration I wish to someday fulfill.

The page layouts are fairly unobtrusive with its steady flow pacing. In designing it as such, they have focused attention to the content more than the design. This is due to the fact that this magazine is for creative writing, therefore, much of the visual design coexists with the content but does little to dominate.

There are ads placed throughout the magazine, but it’s not overwhelming. Personally, I find it entertaining to read, look, and imagine ads and their stories. So the number of ads didn’t bother me.

Geist’s visual and tactile design, approach, solutions and aesthetic are what  attracted me. Thus, enabled my choice in purchasing my first copy. Since then, I’ve stored upon a shelf, all the Geist magazines I’ve purchased, out of sentimentality. Overall, Geist might not for everyone, but I think it’s worth a look.