Social media scares me into expression

I’m still getting the hang of this social media heyday. I don’t like hay, but I guess I shouldn’t really judge that which I’ve not tried. Regardless, I’m still new to this whole thing. I’ve probably made mention of this in another post, but I like depth, so I’ll touch it again. I must admit, I have a problem with touching things more than once. I had a Facebook account, which I’ve disabled, for now, but signed up for because I was told it be great. Okay, I’ll believe you. I signed up and didn’t know what I was expected to do. Oh, you want me to publicly document my life? Well firstly, no, and secondly, what do I have to document that would be worth publicizing? I don’t do much other than think – not that my thoughts are deep, intelligent nor innovative – but I didn’t feel my being was needing publication. At least my private life was not up for disclosure. I enabled this Facebook to be open, but upon years of experience, I decided that I should close this book. I guess you could say I was “closed off” or “anti-social,” but truthfully, it made me feel better. Without the Joneses, I could focus on being myself and enjoy the anonymity. Years later, I was told to make a blog for a school project. Wow, that went against my social media guard. Well of course I had to make a blog if I wanted to graduate, so I did it. I received positive comments from classmates and teachers that I decided to continue this venture. I’m happy I did because this its a portrayal of my thought and not a display of what I’ve done. The lack of things done can be discerned from what I think. I’m a proponent of content over flash, which can be reinforced from my graphic artist modernist hero Emil Ruder. Form should follow function. Anyways, the point of this spiel is that I’ve opened myself to social media as a way to express myself, regardless of how cliched or redundant it is. It’s a compulsion I harbor that needs an outlet. And I like doing it in the virtual space because lines of a three holed punch paper doesn’t give feedback.

What am I tweeting?

I’m confused at the purpose of Twitter. I was recommended by several classmates that Twitter is a great connector for jobs or awareness, etc, but I just don’t get it’s purpose. If I’ve already got a lackluster blog, which I’m content with, but what’s the point of Twitter? I don’t feel the need to repeat myself on multiple spaces. I don’t have to spread my shit around. I suppose I’ll eventually see Twitter’s services value, but until then, I’m not sure what to expect. I thought the blogsphere was enough, but I seem to be living behind the trend. I disabled my Facebook because I didn’t use it like how others were using it. In conclusion, I’m guess this is a rant of no valid reason. There obviously was a need for the creation of Twitter, and it seems to have a large following, so what am I complaining about? I guess I’ll just have to start tweeting to find out.