Bad touching the good

i try not to touch myself
but it seems like a reflex.
my head says no to
an action of yes.
i’m told it is bad,
but why does it feel
so good? they can’t say.
well, they can,
but if they were to say,
they would have no
reason to say otherwise.


Niceties better spent

the response was easy
noninvasive, prying the general
cost of reciprocation limited
to effort given.
or not.
response is a choice,
so why am i surprised?
maybe it’s because those
i’ve thanked, wished well,
or commented, have generally
responded in a similar fashion.
genuine or not,
i was met half way.
disregard an extended hand,
i now reach for my balls.
i might as well scratch
an itch than gain a lawsuit.