I am not what I look like

she says,
at least you are cute,
which tells me,
i’m degrading.
the substance of my
being is dependent upon
a diminishing physicality.
as i age,
i lose credibility.
my worth is
dependent upon
something i
personality is a
trait recognized
by unseeing eyes.

A gringo dancing familiarity

so i went to hang with classmates,
and i ended up reacquainting myself
with the past that died.
i was exposed to latin culture,
something of which i’ve not
experienced since i was young.
to be surrounded by such being,
infused my time with pleasant memories.
i found that the people were raised
upon a rhythm felt,
not taught.
for this,
i was witness to
platonic camaraderie.
i felt much a part as
i did separate.