The power of a flower

this is a concept i’ve been working on, what is a flower, or what does it mean to be a flower?  i would like to elaborate but this question’s answer is self directed. the colours are not final, at least for the blue tulip. i intend to give such flower a more aquamarine colour scheme.

Flower Power rough concepts

Flower Power rough concepts

Ashamed of being

just because i have a penis,
doesn’t mean i’m a dick.
well, not entirely.
some people deserved
to be fucked,
but that’s besides the point.
and no, this point is not
located between my legs.
not that you’d be able to find
anything substantial there.
i’m ashamed
to be a male.
please, forgive the past
to which currently
makes me guilty
of things
i’ve not done.

Sex more important than talent

i’m trying to be more consistent.
i treat a woman like i would a man.
to me, they are just people,
which each person has their idiosyncrasies.
socially defined by sex, i try to look past that.
not always like i should,
but i’ll blame that on someone else.
skill, hard work, determination, or any other
value has no sexual orientation.
so why should i put a value upon one’s sex?
to the most qualified and competent
should the job be awarded.
if blind, we’d might have more of an appreciation,
maybe even understanding/sympathy,
of the person to which we’re interacting with.
Sadly, my initial judgement gets cloudy by
past winds of misinterpretations.
our first impressions dictate
our future misjudgement.
sex has no recourse in competence,
that is a matter of skill and knowledge
inequality propagates doubt and negativity,
when both male and female are
borne to err.